How do Water Filters Work

It is a true fact that a person can survive for many days without food as the body can switch over the fats and protein that is stored in some parts of the body. But if there is a shortage of water, then you will surely die without it if cut off is for more than 2 days. 75% of our body is made up of water and thus, it is very important to have an intake of proper and fresh water. If we look at the water it might look clear but even the clear water may be containing a lot of bacteria and parasites within it that are enough to make you very ill. Therefore, it is necessary to clean out the water and remove even a single infected particle from it.


A variety of water filters is available on the market that can remove all harmful impurities from the water and make it crystal clear. The water filter jugs that are being used for filtering plays a major role in treating out all the impurities and the infecting germs and bacteria from the water. “Water System Experts” is one of the biggest brands in the UK that works in this regard. They are providing the best mechanisms to make the water pure and free from all types of negative effects. They have been the expertise of this field and working from a long time in the same area.

Working of a Water Filter

  • There are many bacteria and bugs that are present inside water when it is supplied fresh at any area. These bugs include harmful substances like Giardiasis and Cryptos­poridium within them. Therefore, the major task of the water filter is to trap these creatures instead of killing them so that the person drinking water is not able to ingest them.
  • What determines the effectiveness of these filters is the size of the pores. Pores are the measure of the size of the openings that are present in the water filter. Depending upon the specific type of impurities, the water filters are chosen.
  • Although the water filters may be of different configuration and types but their working mechanism is almost the same. A hose is required to feed the water into the filter.
  • In case someone is using a water bottle that is having a filter placed within it then the initial task is to firstly will the entire water bottle with water and then place the filter properly.
  • In case a standalone filter is used then directly the hose can be placed in the source of water.
  • As the water goes within the hose, it is forced to pass through the filter. This task can be performed either manually or with the help off suction in the case of the water bottle based filters. The filter will hold over all the harmful organisms present within the water and the clean water is allowed to pass through it. The water can then be collected out from the filter outlet.

This way the water filter works in general and purifies the water.

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